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    Measurements & Prices (+ VAT):

    (170mm): £4 (per sq mtr)
    (270mm): £7 (per sq mtr)

    Here at The Loft Men we understand the importance of loft insulation and offer great rates per square metre to get your loft compliant with the recommended levels set by government. Insulation can be fitted at the most efficient level of 270mm, whilst ensuring that the floor space can still be used for storage using our raised flooring (see ‘Loft flooring’ section for details). Savings of up to £250.00 per year can be achieved by installing loft insulation, and prices start at only £4 per square metre for a top layer (170mm) or £7 per square metre for a double layer (270mm), all supplied and fitted.

    loft Insulation

    Loft insulation is a quick and relatively cheap way for you to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Not only will it lead to a reduction in your energy bills but it will also help to prolong the life of your boiler by creating a consistent, more comfortable living environment in your home. It will also improve the energy rating of your home.
    Loft insulation works by creating a barrier to the hot air which rises from the lower levels of your home towards the roof. As this hot air rises it easily escapes through your roof unless you place something in its way. The air pockets in insulation trap that hot air and prevent it from being lost into the atmosphere.

    You can prevent up to one half of the heat generated in your home from escaping through the roof You can save up to £250.00 per year on an on-going basis by correctly insulating Your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer Gas and electricity costs will reduce Your home will be producing less carbon, therefore protecting the environment You will have fewer problems with condensation You will notice a reduction in noise coming from outside Your home Energy Performance Certificate rating will be improved

    It is recommended that 270mm of loft insulation is used in the loft of all homes. At this level, the least amount of heat will be lost. The modern insulation used by The Loft Men is made from recycled mineral wool material, and unlike some old types of insulation is non-itchy and completely free of any hazardous material. The recommended 270mm is made up of a bottom layer of 100mm insulation which is fitted between your joists, followed by a top layer of 170mm insulation which is then laid running the opposite way to ensure that full coverage is achieved, keeping gaps to a minimum.


    Measurements & Prices (+ VAT):

    200mm x 600mm 18mm thick moisture resistant loft boards

    Price Per Board: £20.00(pb)

    The Loft Men use only high quality tongue and groove flooring which is raised above the level of your existing joists, and provides you with a safe and strong platform in which to store your belongings in your loft. Each board measures 1200x600mm with a thickness of 18mm, and all of our jobs are priced based on either on the number of boards required (at £20 per raised board, supplied and fitted) or through one of our package deals (see ‘Packages’).

    loft boards

    The flooring choice of The Loft Men is Caberfloor P5, which is a stable, durable, high-strength wood particleboard which is engineered for all domestic applications, including new builds. It is also moisture-resistant and is the most widely used particleboard flooring in the UK. It is fitted using the tongue and groove profile, and all joints are staggered to provide maximum strength.

    As standard, we raise the level of the flooring approximately 100mm above the level of your existing joists. This is done by securing new CLS timbers to the existing joists, but running perpendicular to them. There are three main benefits in doing this:-
    1. A raised floor ensures that the correct level of insulation (see ‘Insulation’) can be maintained throughout the whole loft space 2. Raising the floor enables all electrical wires, fans, spotlights etc. to be cleared with no risk of compressing them 3. The way in which the timber sub-frame is fitted helps to strengthen the floor in the loft as the load is then spread over a wide area, and not concentrated in one place.

    Sometimes it may be necessary to raise the floor higher than the standard 100mm, perhaps due to large timbers running at floor level in your loft, or because of an exceptionally thick layer of insulation. If this is required then it is no problem – this can be discussed with one of our technicians at the survey and your options will be explained.

    As mentioned previously, we supply and fit raised loft flooring at £20 per board, with each board being approximately 0.72 sq.m (or 8 sq.ft). So, if it is only flooring that you require then you may be able to get an idea of cost by taking some measurements yourself. For example, 10 square metres works out to approx. £229.00. If you prefer, however, we are always more than happy to arrange a free, no-obligation home visit where one of our technicians will survey your loft space and give you a detailed quotation, usually there and then.


    Specs & Prices (+ VAT):

    Standard: £129.00
    Lathe & Plaster: £149.00

    The Loft Men offer a range of loft hatches which are not only functional when used in conjunction with a loft ladder, but also aesthetically pleasing in your home. It is important to have an opening that is of a suitable size for you to make good use of your loft space, and a hatch that has a hinged or ‘drop-down’ door which can be opened using a pole, so that you never need to climb on anything to open the hatch door. Insulation and air tightness should also be considered to avoid the loft hatch becoming the ‘weak point’ in an otherwise insulated loft.

    loft hatch

    Whether for general access to loft storage or as a maintenance hatch for roof space services, the need for access through ceilings is a requirement for most buildings. Care must be taken, however, that these apertures do not compromise the integrity of the building envelope, leading to significant heat loss. The most popular loft access door fitted by The Loft Men is an injection moulded pre-formed frame and door, which offers quick and easy entry into the loft whilst providing an insulated barrier and draft proofing around the structural opening in the ceiling. This comes in a standard size of 562 x 726mm, and is easily big enough to fit a large suitcase through, for example. It is extremely light and has a twist action catch which secures the frame in three places to provide a secure, draught-sealed fit which also prevents wind uplift. It is white, with an easy-clean textured finish. (This product meets the requirements of BS 9250:2007 Code of Practice for design of the air tightness of ceilings in pitched roofs).

    If you have a particularly large hatch opening, or a smaller space where the standard size hatch won’t fit, then a bespoke, custom made wooden hatch can be created on-site by one of our skilled tradesmen, and this would also include draught-sealing and insulating. Alternatively, we also have the facility to order factory-made custom hatches in a wide range of sizes – if this is required then your options will be explained when we carry out our survey at your home.

    Another option would be to have the Loft Access Kit fitted (see ‘Loft Ladders’). This product solves the problem of loft access in one, as it consists of a large wooden loft hatch with a timber folding loft ladder attached to the door for easy access into your loft space.

    Special order loft hatches are also available upon request, which include fire rated hatches, lockable hatches and hatches containing a window to allow natural light to pass through.


    All our 'Werner' aluminium loft ladders now come with a manufacturers guarantee of 25 years!!!! We offer three types of aluminium loft ladder depending on customer preference/requirements and ceiling height. Our aluminium loft ladders are all made by Werner Co/Abru in Belper in Derbyshire. Their products are renowned for exceptionally high safety standards and quality throughout the industry. All Werner products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed British Standards Institute(BSI). Furthermore, as mentioned above, ALL WERNER LADDERS HAVE A 25 YEAR GUARANTEE!

    PB = Plasterboard Ceiling, L&P = Lathe & Plaster Ceiling

    2 section loft ladders

    2 Section Aluminium

    Specs & Prices (+ VAT):

    Ladder only: £99.00
    Hatch & ladder combo: £225(PB) or £240(L&P).

    The sturdy and practical 2 section aluminium loft ladder is a perfect loft-access solution, extending from two overlapping sections that can be affixed to the inside of the loft to be lowered down when access is needed. It is fitted with 'D' shaped rungs for added security and comfort and comes with a universal stowing pole which is compatible with most modern drop-down loft hatches. Suitable for ceiling heights of up to 2.69m with a load capacity of 150kg's. This ladder requires a clearance distance of 0.71m above the hatch and a minimum of 1.27m behind the hatch for the ladder to stow.

    3 section loft ladders

    3 Section Aluminium

    Specs & Prices (+ VAT):

    Ladder only: £159.00
    Hatch & ladder combo: £259(PB) or £275(L&P).

    This loft ladder extends out from three overlapping sections and makes it suitable to be fitted in ceiling heights of up to 3m. It has slip-resistant 'D' shaped rungs for comfort and security, comes with a universal stowing pole and has a handrail fitted to the third section for added safety when entering or exiting the loft and like the 2 section, it has a load capacity of 150kg's. This ladder requires a clearance distance(arc) of 0.71m above the loft hatch and 1.12m behind the loft hatch for the ladder to sit when not in use.

    3 section easy-stow loft ladders

    3 Section Aluminium 'Easy-Stow'

    Specs & Prices (+ VAT):

    Ladder only: £179.00
    Hatch & ladder combo: £285(PB) or £299(L&P).

    This 3 section 'Easy-Stow' loft ladder has a couple of added features that the other aluminium loft ladders in the Werner range don't have. This ladder features a spring assisted system to provide total control when lowering or stowing the loft ladder. It also comes with an in-loft handrail for added safety and comfort when entering or leaving the loft. Like the other two aluminium ladders we have talked about, it has the 'D' shaped rungs and comes with the universal stowing pole. This ladder is suitable for ceiling heights of up to 3m and needs 0.71m clearance space above the loft hatch and 1.12m of space behind the loft hatch to stow away.


    Specs & Prices (+ VAT):

    Plasterboard Ceiling: £349.00
    Lathe & Plaster Ceiling: £375.00
    loft access kit

    If is a timber ladder you prefer, then look no further than the Fakro LWK timber loft access kit. This really is a de-luxe loft ladder and it is generally suited to situations where space in the loft is restricted or if it is going to be subjected to more frequent use. The Fakro access kit is a complete solution to accessing your loft as it is a hatch and ladder in one unit. The ladder folds into three sections on the back of the hatch door so when the hatch is shut, the ladder doesn't take up any of your precious loft storage space. The ladder has extra wide(80mm), non-slip treads a fitted handrail and a fully insulated and fully sealed hatch door. The standard size of this kit is 530mm X 1110mm but larger sizes can be specially ordered on request. Once installed in your ceiling, we finish around the four eves of the kit with a pine architrave for a neat finish. This ladder can be fitted in ceiling heights of up to 2.8m but an additional extension piece can be specially ordered to cater for ceiling heights of up to 3.3m. Specialist architrave can be chosen to suit your internal door architrave for a small extra cost.

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