Benefits of P5 flooring

Knowing about building materials

I think it’s time that we addressed an issue that is coming up more and more often with our customers and that is about homeowners doing your research on the materials that a company is going to use on a job in your home. If you have decided you are going to have your loft boarded(or have any work in your home done for that matter) and you are gathering quotations for the work, please just don’t go ahead with the cheapest quote you’ve received until you have compared exactly what materials are being used. Do your due diligence at this stage and you are less likely to end up with a job that needs repeating or putting right due to substandard materials being used and believe it or not, it happens way more often than you think.

A really good example of this when it comes to getting a quote for your loft to be boarded is checking to see what flooring the company you have chosen are proposing to use. If we can give you one bit of advice, which in our opinion would be absolutely mandatory when creating storage in your loft, it would be to make sure that you only use P5 flooring! We have compiled some benefits of P5 flooring below to help you make the informed choice so you get your loft project right first time, you can thank us later.

What are the benefits of using p5 flooring in a loft

The P5 flooring that we use at The Loftmen ltd is also known as particle board. This specialist flooring can offer several benefits when used to create storage in a loft. Here are some of these advantages…….

  1. It’s sensibly priced: Our P5 flooring is generally more affordable compared to other flooring options such as OSB, hardwood or engineered wood. This makes it an attractive choice, especially if you’re on a budget or looking for a cost-effective solution.
  2. Easy installation: P5 flooring is relatively easy to install with the right training and correct tools. It comes in large, uniform sheets that can be cut to size and laid down on the floor. This simplicity can save time during the installation process.
  3. Safety concerns: If the current loft hatch is located in a potentially hazardous area or if it poses safety risks, such as being positioned above a staircase or in a hard-to-reach spot, it may be necessary to relocate it to a safer location.
  4. Structural stability: Our P5 flooring is known for its structural stability and strength. It consists of multiple layers of wood strands or particles arranged in alternating orientations, which enhances its strength and rigidity. This makes it suitable for supporting heavy loads and ensuring the overall stability of your loft floor. At The Loftmen ltd we use the 18mm thickness boards on our storage jobs. These boards have tongue & grooved edges which slot together giving them even more strength.
  5. Moisture resistance: Our P5 flooring has moisture-resistant properties, thanks to the use of water-resistant adhesives during its construction. This characteristic makes it suitable for environments where moisture or humidity levels may be a concern, such as lofts which can be prone to occasional dampness if the correct ventilation is not in place.
  6. Versatility: Our P5 flooring can be used as a subfloor or as the finished flooring surface in a loft. When the plan is to cover it with another flooring material(on one of our DELUXE rooms for example) such as carpet or laminate, P5 flooring provides that sturdy base for installation.
  7. Environmental considerations: Our P5 flooring is made from recycled or reclaimed wood fibers, making it an eco-friendly option. Additionally, it requires fewer natural resources to produce compared to solid wood flooring, making it a more sustainable choice.

Here are some benefits of p5 chipboard over normal chipboard or widely used loft panels…

P5 chipboard and P4 chipboard are different grades of particle board, each with its own characteristics and intended applications. Here are some potential benefits of using P5 chipboard over normal P4 chipboard:

  1. Enhanced moisture resistance: P5 chipboard typically has improved moisture resistance compared to P4 chipboard. This is achieved through the addition of water-resistant binders and resins during the manufacturing process. If you anticipate exposure to moisture or occasional dampness in your application, such as in your typical loft, using P5 chipboard can provide greater protection against swelling and damage.
  2. Improved structural integrity: P5 chipboard is designed to have increased strength and load-bearing capacity compared to P4 chipboard. This can make it more suitable for applications where you need a sturdier and more durable flooring or construction material. P5 chipboard is engineered to withstand heavier loads, reducing the risk of sagging or structural failures.
  3. Enhanced screw-holding capacity: P5 chipboard often has superior screw-holding properties compared to P4 chipboard. It provides a more secure grip for screws and other fasteners, reducing the likelihood of loosening or pull-out. This can be particularly important in applications where the chipboard will be subjected to repeated stresses like foot traffic or heavier storage items.
  4. Higher density: P5 chipboard tends to have a higher density compared to P4 chipboard. This increased density contributes to its improved strength and rigidity. It can also provide better sound insulation properties, reducing noise transmission between floors or rooms.

Hopefully, this info is helpful when planning your project. Don’t be caught out by not doing those checks before appointing your contractor, get the job done right first time using the highest quality materials suitable for the job in hand, give the Loftmen a call and you won’t be disappointed 👍🏻