Access Kits


If is a timber ladder you prefer, then look no further than the Fakro LWK timber loft access kit. This really is a de-luxe loft ladder and it is generally suited to situations where space in the loft is restricted or if it is going to be subjected to more frequent use. The Fakro access kit is a complete solution to accessing your loft as it is a hatch and ladder in one unit. The ladder folds into three sections on the back of the hatch door so when the hatch is shut, the ladder doesn’t take up any of your precious loft storage space. The ladder has extra wide(80mm), non-slip treads a fitted handrail and a fully insulated and fully sealed hatch door. The standard size of this kit is 530mm X 1110mm but larger sizes can be specially ordered on request. Once installed in your ceiling, we finish around the four eves of the kit with a pine architrave for a neat finish. This ladder can be fitted in ceiling heights of up to 2.8m but an additional extension piece can be specially ordered to cater for ceiling heights of up to 3.3m. Specialist architrave can be chosen to suit your internal door architrave for a small extra cost.

Specs & Prices (+ VAT):

Plasterboard Ceiling: £400
Lathe & Plaster Ceiling: £450


*Minimum ceiling height 2.6m

The LWL extra is the latest addition to the Fakro loft ladder range and what a product it is. Fakro have listened to customer feedback and have designed this innovative product to make it even easier to access your loft space. Watch this short video of this ladder in operation to see with your own eyes…

For increased safety and comfort, Fakro have added a second handrail on the middle section. With more and more emphasis on insulation in our homes and reducing heat loss, Fakro have increased the thickness of the hatch to 5.6cm to add more insulation in it and therefore increase thermal efficiency. The biggest ‘extra’ with this ladder is how much more easier it is to use, it really is effortless due to the new ‘load relief’ mechanism. This product is a testiment to Fakro’s innovative engineering showing a desire to continuously improve on already outstanding products.

Specs & Prices (+ VAT):

Plasterboard Ceiling: £599
Lathe & Plaster Ceiling: £649