Loft Hatch

The Loft Men offer a range of loft hatches which are not only functional when used in conjunction with a loft ladder, but also aesthetically pleasing in your home. It is important to have an opening that is of a suitable size for you to make good use of your loft space, and a hatch that has a hinged or ‘drop-down’ door which can be opened using a pole, so that you never need to climb on anything to open the hatch door. Insulation and air tightness should also be considered to avoid the loft hatch becoming the ‘weak point’ in an otherwise insulated loft.

Whether for general access to loft storage or as a maintenance hatch for roof space services, the need for access through ceilings is a requirement for most buildings. Care must be taken, however, that these apertures do not compromise the integrity of the building envelope, leading to significant heat loss. The most popular loft access door fitted by The Loft Men is an injection moulded pre-formed frame and door, which offers quick and easy entry into the loft whilst providing an insulated barrier and draft proofing around the structural opening in the ceiling. This comes in a standard size of 562 x 726mm, and is easily big enough to fit a large suitcase through, for example. It is extremely light and has a twist action catch which secures the frame in three places to provide a secure, draught-sealed fit which also prevents wind uplift. It is white, with an easy-clean textured finish. (This product meets the requirements of BS 9250:2007 Code of Practice for design of the air tightness of ceilings in pitched roofs).

If you have a particularly large hatch opening, or a smaller space where the standard size hatch won’t fit, then a bespoke, custom made wooden hatch can be created on-site by one of our skilled tradesmen, and this would also include draught-sealing and insulating. Alternatively, we also have the facility to order factory-made custom hatches in a wide range of sizes – if this is required then your options will be explained when we carry out our survey at your home.

Another option would be to have the Loft Access Kit fitted (see ‘Loft Ladders’). This product solves the problem of loft access in one, as it consists of a large wooden loft hatch with a timber folding loft ladder attached to the door for easy access into your loft space.

Special order loft hatches are also available upon request, which include fire rated hatches, lockable hatches and hatches containing a window to allow natural light to pass through.

Specs & Prices (+ VAT):

Standard: £169 +VAT
Lathe & Plaster: £199 +VAT

These loft hatch prices are assuming we are working from an existing opening and include all the necessary alterations to the aperture required. Cutting a ‘blind loft entrance’ (in situations where there is no existing loft hatch) incurs an extra cost on top of the cost of the loft hatch which can be discussed during a home survey.