Fakro Premium Package

Our Fakro Premium package proved to be our most popular loft package with our customers in 2021. The Fakro LWK access kit is a fantastic product which we have chosen to include in our Premium package after fitting all the other brands currently available. The Fakro timber access kit in our opinion is by far the best product on the market when it comes to accessing your loft space. The quality and workmanship that is put into manufacturing this loft ladder puts its rivals in the shade. The key features that we and our customers like about this product are the fact that it can be fitted when the headroom is restricted above the loft hatch, the extra wide non-slip ladder treads, the safety handrail fitted on the top section of the ladder and the spring assisted opening mechanism (a more detailed list of the features of the Fakro access kit can be found in the PRODUCTS section). The absolute best thing about this loft ladder is it’s practicality and the fact that it allows you get into your loft with ease while giving you ample space to get those larger items that you want to store through the hatch, very handy when you’ve just had 320sq ft of raised flooring laid in you loft and you want to start putting your items away.
The flooring we use in this package and all of our packages is the P5 18mm moisture resistant tongue & groove chipboard. It is absolutely ideal for boarding a loft space because of it being resistant to the moisture that can arise in lofts with the constant change of climate in this country. It is also very strong and conforms to BS EN312 in regards to its strength, moisture resistance and fire resistance. It is also cheaper than equivalent materials like plywood sheets or OSB so the cost to the customer remains sensible and is more convenient for us as installers than using pinewood or hardwood floorboards speeding up the installation process and keeping labour costs down where possible. Our P5 boards are only ever screwed down to the subfloor we have installed below it (more details on our P5 flooring can be found on our products page).

Speaking of the subfloor, we always lay our loft boards on a timber frame that has been built by securing timbers to your existing loft joists. Again, this timber is screwed into your existing loft joists and measures are taken to strengthen these joists before installing the floor. We raise the floor to avoid contact with any electrical cables and to allow the top layer of insulation to remain as it as and not be compressed.

The lighting included in this Premium loft package is a 4ft LED striplight which is extremely efficient and enough on its own to illuminate a fairly square loft space. We also, as an alternative to the striplight fitting and for no extra cost, offer the option of fitting 2 LED batten lights instead of the striplight included in this package when the loft space is a little unconventional. This is particularly useful when the loft area we are boarding as part of this Premium package is long and thin and one light does not quite illuminate the whole boarded area. Also, some of the older lofts we work in have a chimney breast running vertically through the middle of them so a second light fitted on the other side of the chimney can be beneficial when the boarded area carries on into a ‘dark spot’.

If you want a loft package that is exactly like its title then this is the package for you.

Choose our Premium loft package and have it all installed for:
£1499 +VAT for a plasterboard ceiling
£1549 +VAT for a lathe & plaster ceiling

in most cases have it installed in your home in less than a day by our experienced team of fitters. Call today for your free survey and start making the most of that space you have hidden in your home.

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Fakro Premium Package

Fakro Premium Package

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Fakro Premium Package

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