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Our ‘Special Offer’ loft storage package has been designed to offer a complete solution, including everything you may need in order to turn your loft into a useable and safe storage area. This package would be ideal for a smaller sized loft, or where in a bigger loft you just want part of the loft boarded. As with all of our package deals, a new hatch, loft ladder, raised boarding and lighting are included to provide everything that would be required for safe access and easy storage.

The special offer package includes as standard 160sq.ft of raised loft boarding, which would be comparable to the floor space of a decent size bedroom (16x10ft). This offers a fair amount of storage space – the equivalent of an extra room in your house! The amount of flooring supplied can be increased or reduced as required at a cost of £32 +Vat per board. All of our P5 grade moisture resistant chipboard flooring will be fitted on a timber sub-frame which gives three main benefits. Firstly, the sub-frame that we fit works to raise the flooring level, thus enabling the correct level of insulation to remain in place (or be installed by us). Secondly, due to the timbers being fitted perpendicular to existing joists, they work to strengthen the floor and spread any potential load. Finally, all electrical cables and (most) pipe work in the loft is safely negotiated as the flooring is lifted well clear of them. The height of the sub-frame is variable and we decide the size of this during your free home survey.

For access into your loft, this package supplies you with a fully sealed and insulated white PVC drop-down loft hatch (56x73cm) and a sturdy British made Abru 2 section loft ladder. This ladder is suitable for floor to loft floor heights of 2.69m – if you require a 3 section ladder (which extends to 3m) then this can be added for a small extra charge. As previously mentioned, lighting is also included in the shape of a single lighting batten with in-loft switch.

So, all of this is available, supplied and fully fitted in one day for:
£899 +VAT for a plasterboard ceiling
£949 +VAT for a lathe & plaster ceiling
With 12 months guarantee as standard on all of our work.

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