We have seen this numerous times before… A nice space on the landing to access the loft and where is the loft hatch situated?… In a cupboard of course! A lot of people think that it cannot be re-located to somewhere more convenient and just put up with their loft hatch being in a cupboard. This can get very annoying over time as the cupboard is then used to store items, and then more items, and then more items until the cupboard is full and then for whatever reason, they need to get into their loft. The cupboard then needs to be emptied to get enough space to get the stepladders in to provide some kind of access. Getting into the loft becomes a military operation and provides a major headache each and every time. It doesn’t have to be like this!

Let The Loft Men come and provide a solution to this logistical nightmare. In most cases the loft hatch in the cupboard can be re-located by The Loft Men to the landing ceiling or one of the bedroom ceilings with relative ease and in less than half a days work and with a lot less mess than you might imagine. This recent installation in Burton On Trent is a great example of this. Our customer bought a lovely old Victorian terraced house only to later realise that his loft hatch was in a store cupboard off the landing area. To make matters worse, the hatch opening was tiny and the customer could not even get through it. Initially, they wanted to check the amount/condition of the loft insulation but ultimately wanted to get the loft boarded to store some larger items that they had in storage and were paying a monthly fee for someone else to look after. They called The Loft Men after being told by two other tradesmen that they couldn’t help and the results were exactly what he had imagined. We moved the loft hatch to the landing and fitted a 600mm wide x 1300mm long Fakro timber loft access kit in their 3 meter high ceiling. We fitted a strip light, topped up his current loft insulation, raised the floor and boarded 25sq m of his loft. Result.